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Akewi Arts House is a multi-arts & crafts organization; which specialises in media, print, electronic publishing, arts and crafts, and entertainment services. Akewi Arts House is motivated by the need to fashion a business path for Africans through the means stated above and opening a tunnel of creating, discovering and promoting both young talents across the African continents and for Africans in diaspora.

This idea, now generalized under the name of Akewi Arts House, is spawned from the rigour of economic hardship and waste of talents of many Africans across the globe. So ENOCH OJOTISA saw the need to create an economic platform for Africans

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ENOCH OJOTISA: was born and raised in Ibadan. He schooled at Ore-Ofe primary school, before heading to REPUBLIC OF BENIN to finish his secondary school at Nigerian International School. He thereafter proceeded to study Law, at the prestigious OBAFEMI AWOLOWO UNIVERSITY, ILE-IFE. He was called to the Nigerian Bar in the year 2013. During his cause of studying at the University, he nurtured his writing skills and recognized the need for Cultural Identity and human rights as a necessity for human creativity and existence. He was part of the ASSOCIATION OF CAMPUS JOURNALISTS (A.C.J OAU CHAPTER); he wrote the most political editorials during his final year at the University, in Faculty of Law. He proceeded on his academic journey to GRIFFITH COLLEGE DUBLIN, for his LL.M programme in the area of INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS LAW. Ever since his return in the year 2016 to Nigeria, he has dedicated most of his time to enlightening youths in area of literature through the platform of AkewiArtsHouse; and engaging his audience on the need for cultural african identity. He also uses this platform(AkewiArtsHouse) free of charge to promote skills of young minds across Africa. You can reach him through his personal email; poetojotisa@gmail.com*** He currently works at a religious organization. ENOCH OJOTISA lives as a writer, missionary and conscious African.

CEO, Director

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